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The United Nations General Assembly on Thursday formally approved former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres to be the next secretary-general. The 193-member assembly approved Guterres by acclamation a week after the Security Council gave its... I am concerned about all the terrible problems we face in the world, all the wars that are happening everywhere.” added, “I hope we will all be able to come together.” Trump did say the UN has “such great potential.” Guterres, in a Snapchat interview Tuesday, took note of that remark. “That’s exactly what I feel. My job is to make sure that potential becomes a reality,” he said. “The US is a country totally committed to UN reforms and will be an important ally in the work ahead that needs to be done.” The United States is by far the largest funder of the 193 member countries of the UN, providing more than 20% of the UN budget. Any secretary-general has to make sure relations are good with the White House. This is only the second time a UN secretary-general and a US president will begin their terms within weeks of each other. Guterres, a former prime minister of Portugal, has been praised by former colleagues for his negotiating skills. He served 10 years as the head of the UN’s refugee agency based in Geneva. UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the new secretary-general wants 2017 to be a year of peace, spurred by a surge in diplomacy. Guterres is a realist.

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