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10 called the Mallard Masters Championship, an inaugural event sponsored by the Augusta Chamber of Commerce. Boyd Wright, 50, an entrepreneur and tireless Woodruff County booster, said the idea germinated among a group of Augusta businessmen that met to discuss ways to revitalize Augusta’s economy. Woodruff County was once a vibrant farming area, but only about 7,200 people live there now, Wright said. Real estate values are depressed, and Augusta’s schools are struggling. Stuttgart has successfully marketed itself as Arkansas’s duck hunting capital, Wright said, and he said that duck hunting could also be an economic foundation for Augusta. “We don’t want to copy Stuttgart directly, but Stuttgart has done a great job at marketing its natural resources,” Wright said. “We wanted to try something that is relatively unique.” The Mallard Masters Championship is the first and most conspicuous stone in the foundation. It will be a one-day duck hunting tournament and will be open to hunters that use public and private property. The tournament will be open to 75 teams containing four hunters each. Drake mallards will be worth five points, and hen mallards will be worth two points.

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