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Tobii Dynavox’s most robust system, the I-Series+, which includes a monitor and built-in software and can be used in outdoor settings, costs more than $12,000. “Having a child with disabilities is very expensive; it just takes a lot of money for all the extra needs.” “Unfortunately, it was cost-prohibitive,” Lawlor says. “It still is very expensive, but through a lot of hard work, I was able to purchase one myself and show [Nathalias] school.” For some families, it’s still too expensive, he says especially when you factor in day-to-day costs of living with a disability, whether it’s medication, education, transport or adapting your home. “Having a child with disabilities is very expensive; it just takes a lot of money for all the extra needs,” Lawlor says. Making teachers and therapists aware of the technology, and proving that it works, is just one step. interviewLawlor hopes that governmental health care and education departments, in Ireland and abroad, will see the benefits of eye tracking for children with Rett syndrome and many other complex cognitive conditions and ultimately fund the tech for schools and caregivers that need it. Look who has her own eye gaze computer now! #tobii #eyegaze #rettsyndrome Grace For Rett (@GraceForRett) October 21, 2014 But cost isn’t the only issue. Because Rett syndrome is so rare, it’s more difficult for families to get the care and services they need. That’s according to Elizabeth Halford, who works with UK charity Cure Rett and blogs at Grace for Rett about her daughter Grace, who has Rett syndrome. She says there are many hurdles that families have to clear to get access to the technology, like having to prove their children really need it.

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