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Emphatically we must take note. Straight off the top, we have the spectacle of the American military assuming an active role in American politics. This is more than questionable: It is a grave step in the wrong direction. I wonder which is worse if the army were to barge in, banana republic-style, or if a major political party welcomes it, as the Democrats just did. If you think this is a hair-split, consider Allens comments on ABC and think again. A civilian-military crisis was his phrase, and he used it twice. In evident pursuit of absolute clarity, the general tacked on a truly chilling descriptive, a civilian-military crisis the likes of which weve not seen in this country before. And you thought Trump is the one who harbors an extra-constitutional authoritarian streak. is this man telling us? Maybe there is more than one way to interpret the generals threatand however one takes this a threat is what he leveled. In my read,a military officer just told us that a coup could ensue should the voting public deliver to the White House a candidate the Pentagon does not like.

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